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hey, I'm Oleksandr Ratushnyi πŸ‘‹

I'm javascript engineer from πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine and I like Typescript. I have a passion for creating beautiful and functional web apps. I have experience in saas, fintech and other industries. I able to work with a wide range of technologies and tools in both front-end and back-end development. I am a big fan of the React,NestJS and PostgreSQL, but also I have experience with React Native, Vue, Next.js, Remix, Firebase, Supabase, GraphQL, Node.js, Fastify and other technologies.

Oleksandr Ratushnyi I'm in the cafe posing for a photo
I'm in the cafe posing for a photo

I have experience in teaching and creating courses on front-end development. I have successfully graduated several groups of students into front-end development. In addition, I developed my own course for Merge Academy.

When I'm not coding, you might find me capturing life through a lens πŸ“Έ, riding a bicycle 🚴, perfecting my pizza recipe πŸ•, or embarking on tourist trips with a tent πŸ•οΈ. Check out my photography Instagram.

Oleksandr Ratushnyi Hoverla, Carpathian mountains
Hoverla, Carpathian mountains
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Kostrycha, Carpathian mountains
Kostrycha, Carpathian mountains
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Kostrycha, Carpathian mountains
Kostrycha, Carpathian mountains
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Kostrycha, Carpathian mountains
Kostrycha, Carpathian mountains

At home, I have to two red cats 🐈🐈, though one is not quite as red as a desert.

Oleksandr Ratushnyi I'm working with Platon
I'm working with Platon
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Lastick & Platon
Lastick & Platon
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Lastick is waiting for work
Lastick is waiting for work

my work πŸ—‚οΈ

I began my journey in web engineering in early 2018. Over the years, I have held various positions including front-end developer, full-stack developer, and CTO at an agency. Despite my progression into leadership roles, I primarily identify as an engineer.

Front-end developer, May 2024 β€” present

In progress...

Oleksandr Ratushnyi Welcome pack
Welcome pack

Full-stack developer, CTO and co-founder, Dec 2018 β€” May 2024

At Merge I was responsible for development proccesses in the agancy, development team management, clients communication, development discovery and development itself. I have been involved in the development of a wide range of projects as a developer and also as a team leader.

Oleksandr Ratushnyi I am in my office
I am in my office
Oleksandr Ratushnyi With the team in the cafe (left – Viktoriia, right – Kate)
With the team in the cafe (left – Viktoriia, right – Kate)


  • Live

    AI templates builder. It's in-house project for Merge team. The development is conducted only by me.

    Next.jsStorybookOpenAISupabaseStripeCSS modules

  • Live

    Crypto payment solution. Worked as a small team. I was involved in architecture, management and development of complex issues.


  • Live

    Web academy platform of Merge. I was involved in the development of the platform and also as a course author and teacher.


  • Live

    UK based finance management app. Worked in the client's team as a full-stack developer. Developed features and refactored a lot.

    Next.jsReact NativePrismaGraphQLPostgreSQL

  • Not available
    Spiral Blue

    Website for Australian based space tech company. I was involved in setting up the entire project, fully backend, partially frontend and also leading the team.


  • Live

    Singapore based wealth management platform. I was engaged in frontend development independently, communicating directly with the backend (Python) dev.


  • Demo

    Components library for data scientists form Poland based company BrytLyt. I worked in the client's team and independently developed a UI library for their applications.


  • Not available

    Kubernetes manager tool. I was involved as a frontend developer to add some new features.


  • Live

    Website for the Merge agancy. Actually, it's the 3 or 4 version of the website.


  • Demo

    Video intelligence software platform. You can use any creds for login. We did this project together with Volodymyr Mazurets.

    Vue 2StorybookSCSS

  • Not available

    Ultimate crypto trading tool. I did all the UI part, but without connecting the API because the client had its own development team.

    Vue 2SCSS

  • Demo

    Hedge funds wealth management system. It's the first project of Merge. I was the only developer in the company and on the project as a front-end developer.

    Vue 2StripeSCSS

Course author and teacher, Apr 2022 β€” Apr 2023

At Merge Academy, I designed and taught a comprehensive front-end development course, drawing from my rich experience. Beyond teaching, I developed the academy's website and implemented automated processes to enhance the learning experience. This role allowed me to shape the next generation of developers, many of whom have become key contributors in the tech industry.

Front-end teacher, Jul 2020 β€” Present

As a teacher at Beetroot Academy, I not only taught front-end development but also played a crucial role in guiding two student groups to success. My teaching extended beyond the classroom, as I actively supported students in their practical projects, helping them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Oleksandr Ratushnyi I present certificates to students in 2020
I present certificates to students in 2020
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Some performance about academy
Some performance about academy

Front-end developer, Jul 2020 – Oct 2020

At WiseAlpha, my role revolved around trading and technology for the Corporate Bond Market. I contributed to the development of new features using Backbone, and significantly enhanced the platform's styling and user interface using Stylus. This experience underscored my ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring seamless user experiences in diverse technological environments.

Fullstack developer (part-time), 2019 – 2020

These companies are my friends and you have cooperated from time to time. I helped them with the development of some web projects, consulted on issues related to the frontend, and there with the hiring of frontend developers.


  • Not available

    Blog website builder. I worked independently as a full-stack. It was the main backend which runs a static generator and generated an archive with a ready blog static blog. Also an admin app and the templates.


  • Not available

    Netherland based real estate purchase/sale platform. Engaged in frontend development by contacting the backend developer and designer independently.


my projects πŸš€

Projects that I made for myself, friends, relatives and world on a free basis. My pet-projects are a blend of personal passion and skill development. Explore more on my GitHub.


my certificates πŸŽ“

Here are some of the course and worshop certifications I've completed.

Oleksandr Ratushnyi Projector: Engineering Discovery
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Projector: SQL
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Projector: CTO
Oleksandr Ratushnyi Sololearn: SQL